Casa Río / Space of encounters, training, learning of creative practices, located in the estuary of

Situated in the mouth of the estuary of the La Plata River, in the outermost region of the immense Plata Watershed, Casa Río is a space in motion; it is a place of encounter, training, and learning of creative practices that embody environmental commitment.

Casa Río is a space from which self-organization -- both individual and collective -- is developed as a form of liberation, grounded in actions that are not divorced from, but rather tied to, the environment and context in which they are being realized.

Our wish is to co-produce research, and to share experiences and practices that generate the capacity to promote mutual growth and the fomentation of new public policies that incorporate the realm of the ecosystem when planning for the use of coastal zones. This ecosystem-based planning should be incorporated into fields of work related to national and international environmental policies, through the following intersectional frameworks: art, environment, scientific research, local knowledge, and attunement to manners of approaching impacted communities.

Casa Río is a center of bioregional networking, which shares information and develops actions alongside other sister organizations in the Plata Watershed.

How Casa Río is Organized

Casa Río Study A place dedicated to laboratory research, community collaboration, and activist organization. Its actions are focused on education, training, reflection, and action through creative practices with environmental commitment, from which are produced: new visualization tools; the recuperation and recognition of the importance of local experiences; the planning of actions related to territory; the editing of publications; the generation of exhibitions; the realization of mediation strategies; the sharing of information; and the development of different methods of networking with other regional, national, and international organizations.

Casa Río Residence A residence space, from which meetings, research visits, training workshops, and investigations can be carried out.

Casa Río Archive The space also houses research materials divided into two thematic areas: (1) a library with material specialized in art within a social and environmental context; and (2) the archive of Ala Plástica, produced and compiled over the course of the organization’s 25 years of work, which is open and available for consultation.

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